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Jason & Tanya Murray

[email protected]

Previous Career:
Jason: Professional Sales 
Tanya: Registered Nurse

Jason and Tanya Murray

Favorite quote

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Interesting Fact

Jason is a Knicks and Yankees fan for life!


Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Jason was a product of divorce, raised by a single parent who was a banker, provided Jason with an early understanding of sacrifice as well as money management. Throughout his youth and early adult life, Jason had to overcome adversity, learn to persevere and reach goals despite obstacles in his way. Due to a diagnosis of cancer, when his wife passed, she was uninsured. Faced with raising his two young sons alone after the loss of his wife at age 26, Jason developed a no-quit mindset which he maintains today. Having to move on with his life and take care of his family as a single parent, Jason always maintained a positive attitude regardless of what circumstances were presented to him even when they may have been difficult to deal with.

Currently Jason has raised a blended family along with his high school friend Tanya; who has recently joined him in business. Tanya also experienced adversity at a young age; despite unpleasant circumstances as a result of divorce, she was unwavering with her ability to provide for her family and together they are solidifying their legacy together. Their blended family has produced six children and four granddaughters thus far. Tanya is a Registered Nurse and recently completed a dual Master degree in Nursing and Public Health. Having achieved success in her career in nursing she decided to join forces with her husband to provide him with additional support and develop a business together with her partner for life. The Murrays are a couple who maintains a level of faith, determination and commitment for success.

Why did you get started with WFG?

Jason got started with World Financial Group because he wanted to make an impact by narrowing the wealth gap between the individuals controlling the top 5% of wealth and the other 95% of people who needed financial education.

What do you enjoy most about being part of World Financial Group?

For Jason the most enjoyable part of being a part of World Financial Group is mentoring and developing other associates to assist individuals, families and business owners with making better decisions regarding their finances.

What are some of your accomplishments in the business?

During his tenure at World Financial Group, Jason has been recognized for successful recruiting, production and serving as a field trainer.

What are some of the things you are looking forward to in the future?

I am looking forward to expanding and opening an office initially in NJ and then establishing a presence in other markets across the country.

What is it like being able to be in business with your spouse?

It’s a pleasure to be in business with my wife because we have the ability to build a foundation of wealth for our family and our next generation. Additionally, interacting on a personal as well as professional level is providing the two of us with benefits of togetherness and adapting skills.

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