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Leadership Team

Gary & Rhonda Dennis

Gary & Rhonda Dennis are both native New Yorkers. Gary grew up in Harlem, was married at a very early age of 23 and has two sons. Gary was always inspired to become a businessman and upon graduating high school, he immediately entered the job market and started working for The Bank of New York. At that time, seeing the importance in obtaining a college degree due to his aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder he obtained his BBA Degree in Accounting from Baruch College. Gary proceeded to excel in his career only to discover many years later that he was asked to be relieved of his services 5 days short of 25 years. Fortunately, Gary was able to establish his own accounting firm where he focused on taxation and business start-ups. His accounting firm was a segue for him obtaining another banking position with J.P. Morgan Chase. Although Gary quickly climbed the corporate ladder at J.P. Morgan Chase as a Vice President and became a fully Licensed Financial Advisor, he was still in search of a platform that would allow him to continue to practice both his Financial Services and Accounting Services with full autonomy and with a service structure that gave him open architect to use many top companies in the industry. Through a longtime friend Gary was introduced to the World Financial Group platform where he discovered the ability to service his clients in the way he saw fit while allowing him business ownership.

Janay Malloy

Janay grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY with a single mom that did everything she could possibly do to make sure she had a great education and family environment. Her mother always told her; “The world is bigger than Brooklyn.” And encouraged her to engage in cultural diversity and appreciate the arts. While in college Janay got into $20,000 of debt and it interrupted her college education by forcing her to get a job. During her job search she was introduced to the real estate industry and had immediate success there.

Jason & Tanya Murray

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Jason was a product of divorce, raised by a single parent who was a banker, provided Jason with an early understanding of sacrifice as well as money management. Throughout his youth and early adult life, Jason had to overcome adversity, learn to persevere and reach goals despite obstacles in his way. Currently Jason has raised a blended family along with his high school friend Tanya; who has recently joined him in business.

Tanya also experienced adversity at a young age; despite unpleasant circumstances as a result of divorce, she was unwavering with her ability to provide for her family and together they are solidifying their legacy. Tanya is a Registered Nurse and recently completed a dual Master degree in Nursing and Public Health. The Murrays are a couple who maintains a level of faith, determination and commitment for success.

Juan E. Nunez

Juan E. Nunez is a Leadership  Financial coach of a financial services firm. He has extensive knowledge and experience assisting individuals, business owners and companies of all financial levels, with their financial goals and objectives; through financial planning and executive coaching.

Luis Cordones

Luis came to the United States when he was 10 years old from the Dominican Republic Raised by his single mother who worked hard day and night to raise her two sons. Luis attended City Tech College after high school to make his dreams come true but little did he know that while on the path to making his dreams happen he was headed down a different road of success. While working at Panasonic Luis was introduced to World Financial Group (WFG) and once he learned about the WFG mission he decided to build a business where he would be able to help people achieve financial success.

Mohammad & Zainab Mukhtar

Ever since the age of 13, Mohammad always had high hopes and dreams.Being a big dreamer he knew success was something he had to achieve in his lifetime. His definition of success at that time was working for a huge corporate firm, 9am to 5pm, wearing a designer suit with a briefcase in his hand and the corner office on the 50th floor overlooking the Manhattan skyline. That picture already painted in his mind; lead him to pursue a career in the corporate world as an accountant. After all was said and done, something was still missing for him.

Swat, Pakistan is where the journey begins. Zanaib grew up in a conflicting part of the world, where walking out in public by herself was forbidden unless accompanied by her brother or father only, a tribal region, where women didn’t have any rights such as: freedom of speech, freedom of expression or getting a job to support her family and much more. She was engaged at the tender age of 17, married a year later and had to leave her entire family behind and come to the United States. Little did she know, her entire world was about to change. When Zanaib got to the US she didn’t speak any English, had no friends and no work experience. Mohammad was always busy at work and she would just sit home waiting for him. She dreamed of one day being able to work with him side by side but the industries he was working in didn’t allow for that. WFG changed everything! Mohammad and Zanaib now work together as business and life partners in WFG. Building a business that will be their legacy for generations to come.

Nadine Watson

Nadine Watson is a passionate communications leader who spent the last 20 years building strategy and sales for leading Internet Media Companies. Her focus has been delivering industry-best marketing solutions that revolutionize the IT marketplace. She has led pioneering media teams who have powerfully enhances customer alignment from brand awareness to sales production. Born and raised in New York, Nadine and her husband Jay and son Jared moved to the Orlando area in 2013. She was introduced to WFG and has passionately focused her efforts to lead teams to help families plan for their financial future and expand throughout the state of Florida. Nadine is very involved in her community and strives to implement economic repair and financial awareness on a grassroots level. She is involved in many leadership roles including Hope Church's Business Chamber where she is charged with helping local business strengthen their presence in the marketplace. She is a Certified Teacher for Biblical Entrepreneurship with Nehemiah Project International.

Sara Sleeper

Originally from Colombia, Sara had a dream for a long time to come to America. She finally took the plunge, got on a plane to the States and began to find her way into the stream of the culture. She realized early on that if she was to rise above her humble beginnings, she would need to educate herself and advance into a professional career. With a determined persistence and a lot of study she became a massage therapist and eventually opened her own successful practice. But as life would have it she was forced to leave the profession due to an injury. The next door that opened for her was an opportunity in the financial services industry. Despite the fact that she had no experience in the industry and no idea how she was going to succeed she was fortunate to find WFG where she got the proper mentoring and support and licensing to work with financial products. Currently Sara is growing a successful financial services business with an end goal to create financial freedom for herself and her team.

Tania Gregorio & David Diaz

Tania was born in Dominican Republic and came to the United States when she was 12 years old. The youngest of 5 siblings; she was taught by her father at an early age to nurture her mind with positive thoughts to attract them. This life lesson prompted her decision to attend school for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management in NYC and work for companies such as American Express and AAA as a travel consultant.  As the travel industry evolved and points of contact with the clients changed, Tania quickly realized that she needed to change career paths.  This transition let her to work in Higher Education and she was hired to direct the accounts receivables department in a private college; this was where she developed a passion for the financial service industry. However, Tania soon realized that in that environment she was building another man’s dreams and she wasn’t receiving what she deserved to make a better way of living for her family. At this time she was introduced to World Financial Group where she had the opportunity to pursue a business on her own terms.

Vicky & Arthur Pacoy

Vicky and Arthur came to America 12 years ago, from their beloved country Philippines, with an American dream. They are married with two adult children who are both working as Registered Nurses in Kaiser Permanente and Cedars Sinai Hospital. Vicky used to work as a Systems Engineer in an Engineering firm in California and Arthur was a live-in Caregiver and therefore was only able to go home twice a month. Before WFG, they lived pay check to paycheck; with no life insurance, no retirement plans, no emergency fund and with $40,000 credit card debt. Now, with their WFG business, Vicky retired her husband from working as a Caregiver, and he is now her business partner and team coordinator. Through the education they received, they now have proper life insurance protection, are saving enough money for retirement, have an emergency fund and are completely out of debt. Their 2 children are also financially educated and have implemented the proper financial strategies.


Victor Zayas

Growing up poor in the projects was considered normal for most people in Victor’s community. However, as a young visionary Victor always wanted and expected more out of life, but had no clue how to go about it. After barely graduating high school and never really considering college Victor worked menial jobs at Central Park Summer Stage, Eddie Bauer and as a mailroom clerk. Understanding that going back to school was instrumental for a better future Victor graduated with honors and a legal studies degree from John Jay college in NYC. Working for the NYC Department of Corrections as a legal coordinator, for over a decade, Victor knew he was way better off than many of those that he grew up with. But his passion and heart were somewhere else. He wanted to build a future, and work in an industry that he believed in. His belief that our Creator did not destine us to think small or give up on our hopes and dreams made him continue searching for something where he could make a difference; impact lives and make history! Victor is currently a business owner with WFG and enjoys his family time with his wife and 2 beautiful children.


Maria Cruz & Jose Habib

Maria Cruz Habib is a native New Yorker raised by hardworking Puerto Rican parents. She is one of five siblings, a mother of two beautiful children Alexis-Marie Habib and Reuben Habib and a wife to Jose Habib. In Maria’s early years she was inspired by her mother “Maria Cruz” to help others and her father “Pedro Cruz” who taught her that action and hard work were the keys to making dreams and success a reality. Her two role models created community activities and projects in the Manhattan area that made positive and motivational changes; ensuring people always had what they needed to make a better life for themselves and their families. This strong foundation from her parents allowed Maria to blossom into an amazing, strong woman that understood independence, education, perseverance, dedication, passion and hard work.

Jose Habib was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, he planted his first seed by opening a company named “Traffic”. The company manufactured women’s clothing line. After, arriving in New York in 1986 he realized his love for sales and started working for “Royal Prestige” in Corona, New York. The challenge of reaching company goals allowed him to show his talent in sales and take the company to the next level. He soon after became a New Yorker in heart and embraced and developed a winning mind set that created an outstanding wealth of ambition. Jose’s success showed in all aspects of his life from business to family. His first three children Nicolas, Deborah and Sebastian opened a new chapter in his life. Soon after Maria Cruz and Jose Habib stared a new advantage together by starting a new family as one by adding Reuben and Alexis-Marie. Jose is a proud son, excellent father of five children and a wonderful husband. In, 1997 the Habib family relocated to Orlando, Florida where Jose was then able to take his talents and be able to explore his hunger for entrepreneurship. World Financial Group entered Maria and Jose Habib’s lives in 2013, where they are currently taking their dreams, as individuals and a family to the next level by helping families become financially independent. WFG is the next stage in the Habib’s family. They are embracing a new challenge with autonomy, faith, goals, ethics, standards, morals, ambition, passion and hard work.

Ann Marie Fraser

Ann Marie is a native of Trinidad & Tobago and migrated to the United States when she was a teenager. She then went on to earn her Bachelors degree in Accounting, and her Masters in Taxation, from Long Island University. Ann Marie is also a NYS registered Certified Public Accountant and owns a Private Tax Practice where she prepares tax returns for many families all across NY. Ann Marie holds a Certification in Planned Giving & Trust Services through the General Conference of SDA, an International Certificate as a Chaplain and Life & Health Insurance licenses in six states. Her inspiration is her family and the people she serves. Her Husband, Leonard currently serves as the First Elder of the Stuyvesant Heights SDA Church, in Brooklyn, New York. They have two daughters; Nyala, who graduated with a degree in Accounting, from Phoenix University; And Aletea, who graduated with her degree in Sociology from Georgia State University. Ann Marie is excited and motivated in this junction of her career to be a Senior Marketing Director with World Financial Group as she utilizes this platform to expand her current business.


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