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Maria Cruz & Jose Habib

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Previous Career:
Maria: Banker at Chase Bank
Jose: Sales

Maria Cruz & Jose Habib

Favorite Quote

“Find the courage to do things you are not ready to do” Marissa Meyer, CEO Yahoo

Interesting Fact

An interest of Maria’s that allows her to think clear and relax my mind is working with foam, painting or reinventing items to create art.


Maria Cruz Habib, a native New Yorker raised by hardworking Puerto Rican parents. She is one of five siblings, a mother of two beautiful children Alexis-Marie Habib and Reuben Habib and a wife to Jose Habib. In, Maria’s early years she was inspired by her mother “Maria Cruz” to help others and her father “Pedro Cruz” who taught her that action and hard work were the keys to making dreams and success a reality. Her two role models created community activities and projects in the Manhattan area that made positive and motivational changes; ensuring people always had what they needed to make a better life for themselves and their families. This strong foundation from her parents allowed Maria to blossom into an amazing, strong woman that understood independence, education, perseverance, dedication, passion and hard work.

Jose Habib was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, he planted his first seed by opening a company named “Traffic”. The company manufactured women’s clothing line. After, arriving in New York in 1986 he realized his love for sales and started working for “Royal Prestige” in Corona, New York. The challenge of reaching company goals allowed him to show his talent in sales and take the company to the next level. He soon after became a New Yorker in heart and embraced and developed a winning mind set that created an outstanding wealth of ambition. Jose’s success showed in all aspects of his life from business to family. His first three children Nicolas, Deborah and Sebastian opened a new chapter in his life. Soon after Maria Cruz and Jose Habib stared a new advantage together by starting a new family as one by adding Reuben and Alexis-Marie.  Jose is a proud son, excellent father of five children and a wonderful husband. In, 1997 the Habib family relocated to Orlando, Florida where Jose was then able to take his talents and be able to explore his hunger for entrepreneurship. World Financial Group entered Maria and Jose Habib’s lives in 2013, where they are currently taking their dreams, as individuals and a family to the next level by helping families become financially independent.  WFG is the next stage in the Habib’s family. They are embracing a new challenge with autonomy, faith, goals, ethics, standards, morals, ambition, passion and hard work.

Why did you get started with WFG?

Maria and Jose Habib began a journey with World Financial Group to regain their independence, a flexible schedule, and most importantly more time with their family. After losing their business, the event almost threw a wrench in all the plans they had made as a family. World Financial Group has opened a door of possibilities for the Habib family to get back on track with their family plans and to be able to accomplish their goals and dreams as a team.

What do you enjoy most about being part of World Financial Group?

The opportunity with World Financial Group had a minimal initial investment, no overhead, and an inventory full of hopes and dreams. The greatest part of this opportunity is not only being able to accomplish ones goals financially, but also inform and implement a plan for families to do the same. 

What are some of your accomplishments in the business?

Since joining World Financial Group, Jose and Maria have built a team of like-minded associates as well as received several promotions and awards for their outstanding achievements. They currently run financial seminars in Spanish, and continuing their expansion in South Florida.

What are some of the things you are looking forward to in the future?

Looking forward, our vision is to open multiple offices within the next couple of years, eventually leading to us becoming CEO’s.

What is it like being able to be in business with your spouse?

World Financial Group allows us the chance to fight for our plans we’ve had in the past once again.  It’s amazing to be able to work with your partner on a daily basis.  Working together allows us to spend timeand grow as a couple.  Not everyone is cut out for this but we make a great team.

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