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WFG For Professionals

As a professional you already have a successful practice or business up and running. However, you are looking to expand into another area and leverage your relationships with your clients without taking away from the value you already provide.

By associating with World Financial Group you can:

  • Raise the value you bring to the table for your clients.
  • Increase your client retention.
  • Earn an additional stream of income.
  • Attract more clients for your current business.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • Be in a position to offer your clients an opportunity to be in business with you.

Professions who have had success leveraging their previous experience and client relationships through utilizing the WFG system to build a second business include:

CPA, Accountants, Attorneys

As a CPA, accountant, or attorney you can easily recognize the need for your clients to get educated about their finances and have the proper products and services in place to accomplish their financial goals. Most people tend to ask their accountant or attorney about just about everything. However, many times you may not be fully educated enough to answer their questions relating to their finances or do not have access to the most up-to-date products and services on the market to be able to assist them with their financial needs. By becoming a licensed WFG associate you can have access to a variety of different products and services that you can make available to your clients. You can learn how to recommend these products and services to your clients through our training program or work on a referral basis with one of our experienced associates.

Church Leaders, Community Organizer, Professional Organizations, Human Resources

As an organization leader you are always looking to provide value to your community. Current economic times have created awareness in most people, due to media and common conversations, about the need for financial education, taking control of one’s finances as well as planning for the future. Gone are the days of relying on corporations or the government to provide for our retirement and education, health care costs are on a constant rise and our national debt continues to go up. That leaves every individual and family having to take responsibility for their own financial future and yet most don’t; due to lack of education. By becoming a licensed WFG associate you would be able to provide an education to your community about this important topic and have the ability to help them implement this education through the products and services available through our platform. By utilizing our training program you can learn how to service your community on your own or work with one of our experienced associates to assist you.